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until kingdom come
Your average con-going moron, cosplaying idiot and side tracked artist who obviously spends a little bit to too much time on tumblr and drinking frozen pink lemonade from their local Tim Horton's.


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Welcome to Prince Ky's cosplay blog, here is where I post my wip, cosplay photos & con diaries

Bombshell Wonder Woman
Costume - amaleighcosplay
Cosplayer - princeky
Photographer - Novii Photography

[I’ve never been comfortable cosplaying women. can you tell?]

Attack of the Bleach!

Orihime - amaleighcosplay
Ishida - 0rigination-cosplay
Rukia - dreamcherub
Ichigo - princeky
Photographers - amaleighphotography & dreamcherub

Sneak peek of bombshells photos from Novii Photography! I’m so excited.

"When I went under, the world was at war. I wake up, they say we won. They didn’t say what we lost."

Cosplayer | photographer | costumer

"That’s rough buddy."

Cosplayer | Photographer | makeup artist (scar)

Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky. 

Cosplayer | photographer | costumer

I had bought the costume from luxlaterna and debuted it at FanExpo, I did some photos with amaleighphotography the Friday night.

Can we please do a Disney College/University cosplay group? I’d be so all over that.


Can someone please cosplay a cutie pie aoba so I can be their noiz? In all seriousness. Or a hot Koujaku? Because I don’t want to cosplay DMMD alone :c

it’s happening with amaleighcosplay & I.

Not much of a con update just yet, I’m still relaxing to try to get through the amount of mental shit I’m going through.

it looks like my friends who are going back to school had a good day. which sounds good!