uhhuh until kingdom come
I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word

Your average con-going moron, cosplaying idiot and side tracked artist who obviously spends a little bit to too much time on tumblr and drinking frozen pink lemonade from their local Tim Horton's.


 I am not a child! Not scared, either! No way, nohow! ”

Jubilee | princeky
Photographer | Eleventh Photograph

Who are you person that recognized me, please. Where are you in my life.

someone recognized me. and I’m… I’m so honored.

WELCOME TO HELL. More like costume WIP for wind waker

Unplugged Lineup! I’m going to be there with 0rigination-cosplay, authenticem, amaleighcosplay, and dreamcherub; I can’t wait to see everyone!

I’ll be in two group cosplays with weekend, our Wind Waker Group and our “Streets of Gotham” inspired Batboys group, so if you’re at the con and I don’t see you but you see me, come say hi, I may be a bit blind without my glasses!

Jubilee | princeky
Photography | Eleventh Photograph


More of my Psylocke cosplay from Fanexpo.
Photos were taken by Eleventh Photography
Psylocke design by branch56

Jubilee is princeky
Kitty Pryde is amaleighcosplay

Jubliee [X-Men] | princeky
Photography | Eleventh Photograph

Happy Monday! I just got photos back from Eleventh and they are absolutely fantastic, I adore them! But now I’m working on my next con’s props, which is the coming weekend! Woo! so far so good! Anyway, have some X-Men!


Our DC Bombshell group from Fanexpo. These outfits were so fun to wear and the photos turned out amazing!
Mera: amaleighcosplay
Wonder Woman: princeky
Stargirl: 0rigination-cosplay
Hawkgirl: dreamcherub
Photographer: Novii Photography

“We are sun and moon, dear friend; we are sea and land. It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is: each the other’s opposite and complement.”  
- Hermann Hesse, 
Narcissistic and Goldmund

Zutara with my darling girlfriend as my waterbending master.

Katara | amaleighcosplay

Zuko  | princeky [scar created and applied by undeadpixels]

Photography | ailesnoircosphotography


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